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4 Ways a unified CRM simplifies life for your remote teams

May 26, 2022 | Posted by:  abi s

A remote team is one where employees are not physically co-located. They may have offices, but the office itself isn’t a requirement for the team to function. Remote working has become a normal way of life, especially with the popularity of work-from-home jobs. This shift in work culture has also caused a shift in how companies structure their business models and manage their customer relationships.

With a remote team, companies need to develop new methods for managing customer relationships because they no longer have the option of sending someone on site to handle customer interactions and feedback in person. In this blog, we will look at some recent changes that CRM software for remote teams have seen over time and how it helps businesses today.

Coordinating across multiple time zones

One of the challenges that businesses face when they have remote teams is that they don't always have a common time zone, which leads to confusion around internal communication and process. A unified CRM can simplify your life as your teams can work and coordinate with each other in a more effective way. It can help you manage tasks, track progress and make sure everyone is on the same page. CRMs are becoming increasingly important as businesses look to improve overall productivity and ease of communication.

Creating and tracking workflows

As a remote workforce, it is important to have an efficient system that enables you to track all the workflows of your team and stay connected with everyone. Using a CRM for remote teams can be time-consuming and cumbersome. So, some companies have created ways that simplify life for their remote teams.
A CRM simplifies life for your remote team by enabling you to track all the workflows and stay connected with everyone even when you are away from the office. They help in keeping everyone on the same page in terms of company goals and targets. Some companies use Slack as their CRM while others use Asana or Trello.

Easily sharing information between teams

CRM is a centralized software that is used to keep the teams working in an efficient way. The different features of CRM help them manage the workload and make it easy for remote employees to collaborate with each other and stay updated about the goings on.
Several companies are now going in for unified CRM which allows different teams to share information between them by integrating their systems seamlessly.

Providing easy access to important information

A unified CRM allows businesses to have a centralized platform for all communication and work. It enables remote teams to easily collaborate with each other and provide relevant information for the company without any barriers.
The need for a unified CRM is becoming more prevalent with every passing day. With the rapid adoption of remote work, businesses are forced to think on how they can make their process more efficient and streamlined using technology.


Remote teams have much more complicated workflows than in-office teams. They need to manage their time and productivity, as well as the workflow between them and their clients. However, they also bring a unique set of challenges that need to be managed simultaneously.
A Unified CRM simplifies life for your remote teams by combining all the different databases into one database - seamlessly allowing you to organize your projects, create reports on activities within each project, and upload content from different sources into one centralized system.