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How to Create a Website with Free Website Builder in Minutes

Nov 09, 2023 | Posted by:  abi s

Whether your goal is to learn to create a blog or set up a website within a few minutes, the initial steps are the same. When setting up you can decide to set up a website with a free website builder or with (CMS) such as WordPress, as they offer the simplest starting point. 
Another alternative is creating a website from scratch, but the requirement is proficiency in coding. The preferred method mostly is creating a website with a free website builder. Notably, this only takes five minutes of time and without doing any coding. 
For the sake of convenience, we offer to simplify the setup process into easily comprehensible steps using a free website builder (WordPress). The rest is left to your discretion!
Buy a domain name and hosting plan
Install the Website with a free website builder or WordPress
Publish website
Step 1: Buy a domain name and hosting plan
The trickiest part is finding a domain name for your website that fits your business. You might have already thought of a good name. Once you've settled on a name and it's up for grabs, the next step is to buy it!
After that, you can try out a free trial for a place to put your website, called hosting. You can also choose extra things for your website, like Google Workspace. It's not necessary, but we suggest getting Domain Privacy, which keeps your personal info private on WHOIS databases.
Fill in the billing information after entering a domain name.
Step 2: Installing WordPress or your preferred selection
A few years ago, this was the most complicated step. In fact, it was nearly impossible to create a website in minutes when you had to install WordPress manually.
Luckily, now there are the easiest methods out there that help you in installing websites in minutes. Free website builder does the same steps as mentioned. Choose your preferred design to make your website look beautiful. 
Step 3: Publish website
Great job! By hitting the publish button, you've now set up your website in less than 5 minutes. Now you can start customizing your site using templates and plugins.
With WordPress, you're in full control of everything - you can create pages, write blog posts, and change how your site looks.
If you're new to Website builders, here are some tips to help you select the best free website builder. When selecting the website builder check on the reviews of some of the best ones.
The considerations for reviewing a free website builder or a paid one are:
It must have user-friendliness, competitive pricing with added features, diverse templates and customizable options, 24/7 customer support, and data ownership and portability assurance.
You must prioritize on ease of use, value, design options, support availability, and data control for user peace of mind.
Luckily, provides a free website builder that is used for creating a website in minutes.  


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