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Things you should know about billing software

Jan 19, 2022 | Posted by:  abi s

Do you want to grow your business revenue with the right small business accounting software? Regardless of your business size, your goal should be to utilize the billing software features to accelerate revenue growth. Bills are handled in your everyday business. Bills whether you create it or receive it, it is impossible to imagine a day in a business without dealing with a bill. Good small business accounting software will help you to deal with all your bills without any issues. This guide will help you know everything about a flexible billing solution so that you can bring innovative products and services faster than your competitors.
Customized Invoicing:
Invoicing is a basic necessity of every business. Any issue with an invoice can disrupt a business’s monthly payout process, isn’t it? The billing software allows businesses to customize the invoices according to their invoice requirements. So, you can add or delete the details that are required in the invoices including:
  • Unique invoice number
  • Date and time
  • Client/Customer details
  • Brand logo
  • Billing amount with breakups
You can use the small business accounting software templates to generate new invoices and billings within minutes. Moreover, you can include additional information like credit/debit notes, purchase/sales orders, etc.
Online Backup:
Only creating and sharing invoices via the business accounting software isn’t enough. Use the software to keep all previously created invoices backups safe in the cloud. You can customize the backup process and make it automated. So, the software will take regular, or weekly, or monthly backups, whichever you choose. This is a great way to keep important invoicing payment information safe and secure without worrying about the loss of data. Later, you can easily access the backed-up data and pull off the information that you need.
Reporting and Quick Sharing:
The small business accounting software allows you to share the created invoices quickly via emails to the intended people. Once, the invoice is sent, you get notified via email or SMS that the invoice has been successfully delivered. The software also generates regular reports, saving you time and effort. 
Every business needs to send regular or monthly billing invoices. Indeed, it’s a complicated job to manage so many billings and payments with one hand. Instead of hiring an accountant manager, utilize CRMSoftwareApp’s free business accounting software that can make the job of creating, sending, and managing invoices easier.