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Use Google Calendar Sync and Have Your Data Synchronized All The Time

Sep 22, 2020 | Posted by:  abi s

Do you find it difficult to manage multiple calendars at the same time? Manage all your appointments and schedule from one place. Yes!! CRMSoftwareApp can help you to do it. CRMSoftwareApp’s Google Calendar Sync allows you to sync all the important calendar data from CRM to Google and vice versa. Plus, you can manage both calendars anytime you want!
Why should you try out Google calendar Sync?
The benefits that a business will enjoy with Google calendar synchronization are listed below,
  • Save Time & Efforts: The Calendar Sync feature is an automatic process that syncs all calendar data immediately. The perfect solution for busy people like you, it syncs all your contacts, calendar events, and daily tasks between two different calendars. Automatically, it allows you to focus on your work, saving both your time and efforts.
  • Automatic Data Synchronization: Google Calendar Sync data synchronization happens automatically which you can’t even notice. Plus, it is compatible with Google Cloud running on any device like Android Smartphones, iPhones, Windows Phones, and Desktops. As this feature doesn’t store the data on your device, your data gets backed up on the Google Cloud and CRM cloud. So, you can easily restore the data anytime you need it.
  • Sync All Contacts, Appointments, & Tasks: While running a business, you have to attend many important meetings with the clients and vendors regularly. As attending a meeting holds extreme importance, it’s important to stay updated about the coming meetings. The best way to do so is to utilize CRMSoftwareApp’s calendar sync feature. Not just it allows you to make adjustments in pre-scheduled meetings, but you can sync the calendar data across devices.
  • Manage multiple calendars: Google Calendar Sync allows you to manage multiple calendars with a single click. From your phone, you immediately get an update about the changes made in any of the calendars. You can even make changes on your own like adding new meeting recipients, rescheduling a meeting, scheduling a recurring meeting, and so on. Plus, you get immediate meeting notifications via email and text messages. Isn’t it cool?
Google Calendar Sync is one tool offering multiple solutions to manage all your contacts, daily meetings, appointments, and tasks in a better way. Not just you stay organized; you can distribute the workload among teams. So, stay updated and no more worry about missing to attend an important appointment!