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5 Questions to Identify Whether Or Not Your Startup Requires CRM

Jun 23, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

Are you focusing most of your time setting things in different departments of your startup rather than developing your business? Looks like you need good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
Still confused about it? Here are 5 questions that will help you identify when your business needs a CRM.
#1 Are you (miss)handling more leads?
If this is the case then you need a CRM right away as you don’t want any lead falling through the crack. A CRM is the perfect solution which can assist you monitor and filter every lead and its source so you can follow the progress of them all.
#2 Do your customers interact at all levels?
A customer does not have a single interaction point as they can require assistance at any level. Also, if you are spread across many platforms then this makes it all the more demanding for business to interact with them. But with a CRM software you can easily connect all the platforms adopting a customer interactive approach as a result decreasing the labour and enhancing customer satisfaction.
#3 Do you forget to follow up or recall the details?
History does matter, and more so in the case where you need to follow up on your customer, remember their details, emails or messages. A CRM software can be your reminder as it enables you to record conversations, emails and archive the complete history of each and every customer, as well as prospect.
#4 Customer data is important to you?
Well, it is to all! And more important is to protect it. You don’t want information scattered all over the place and that why it’s important to use a CRM system that maintains and organizes all the data and information in a database.
#5 Don’t know what your customers think about your service/product?
In these competitive times it’s essential to know what your customers think about your solution. Customer feedback is also important as it tells you where your work lacks and where it ascends. CRM software can assist you communicate efficiently so you know what the customer wishes to tell you.
If your business is going through any of these issues then now you know what to do.