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Do These 5 Things to Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Jun 29, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

You wish to stay ahead of the competition, here’s what you as a sales managerneed to do to take your team and company towards growth:
1.Get real-time data
Your experience and your gut-feel are few of the things that guide you towards taking a better decision, but they shouldn’t be used alone. In today’s technological advanced time,relevant data is a requisite to get feedback and forecast. Modern CRM tools allow pro-active tracking and it reduces guesswork. Accessing real-time feedback from customers also makes a difference in making strategies leading to greater efficiencies and quicker onboarding processes.
2.Improve your customer information
Valuable customer information is lost when you lose a sales rep and if the reps keep data in their own spreadsheets then its all the more risky. The best solution is to bring all the data to cloud into one system that is accessible to your team but the reins remain with you. Your customer data is a key asset for your team, and centralizing it on a powerful CRM system adds to the value.
3.Smarter collaboration
Team collaboration makes the teamwork easier. Communication is clear, learnings are shared, opportunities are better identified, work is delegated and it all leads to new sales opportunities further leading to growth.
4.       On-the-go
Everything is mobile, so it is all the more important that all your data is accessible while on-the-go. This access will increase productivity while keeping the team connected allowing for greater flexibility and responsiveness.
5.       Better insights
By adopting a combined solution you can stay on top of your marketing and sales game, even when prospects are only browsing through your website. The right CRM solution will help your marketing and sales team align better ensuring much better results.