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How to create an invoice with the help of invoice template word

Sep 01, 2021 | Posted by:  abi s

Invoices and creating them is an important task for any business regardless of the type or size. With invoices being a must-do task, Are you looking for the easiest way to create business invoices? Using CRMSoftwareApp’s Invoice Template Word is the best solution to all your problems! Not only does this let you create invoices within minutes, but it allows your clients to know how much they owe you at the right time. In case you are wondering how to create a Word invoice, you can follow the following steps: 
Step 1: Use the existing templates
You don’t need to put effort into creating an invoice from scratch. Instead, you can use the existing template designs to customize them as per your requirements. Once you’ve chosen an Invoice Template Word, just download it and fill it out with all the necessary information. Without having any MS Office subscription, your invoices will be ready in no time.
Step 2: Customizing the template
  • Hover through different template designs and select the right layout for your invoice.
  • Open Microsoft Word template file on your laptop/smartphone.
  • Enter invoice details into the blank spaces of the template.
  • You can add additional text fields in the template as per the requirements.
  • You can place your business logo almost anywhere on the invoice template.
  • You can remove/replace any of the text fields from the templates that are not needed.
  • Keep some fields in the Invoice Template Word blank which need to be hand-written.
  • If you’re updating the invoice online, it will be auto-saved in the cloud. 
  • You can save different template versions and use them later.
Step 3: Save and share your invoices
Once you finish filling the Invoice Template Word thoroughly, it’s time to save the voice and share it with your clients and vendors. In case you want to send the files in .pdf or .jpg forms, you can easily download the word invoice and then convert the file into the desired file extension. Once the file gets converted, you can share the invoice with others via email.
Final words:
It’s time to manage all your invoices from one place! Start using the invoice templates and keep a track of all your old invoices online. Access any of the invoices from anywhere and send them to anyone anytime.