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How to use Google calendar to create an appointment schedule

Sep 19, 2022 | Posted by:  abi s

Appointments have an important role in any business. Whether you're running your business online or offline, whether it is small scaled or large scaled, every business has to schedule appointments. Appointments are not limited to businesses but also the individuals in the firm. From time to time every person may have to schedule their appointments to be effective. Creating an appointment in the most convenient way is what every person will look for. Google Calendar is the easiest option that anyone can make use of as Google is used throughout the world by many. CRMSoftwareApp has the Google calendar sync function that allows the user to schedule their appointment by synchronizing with the Google calendar. 
Advantages of Google calendar synchronization:
When using the google calendar sync for appointment scheduling the person can have a list of benefits that includes
  • Email notifications in regard to the appointment made like,
    • Automatic confirmations.
    • Remainders of the appointments that have been scheduled.
    • Cancellation remainders to the parties involved, if the appointment is canceled.
    • Any updations in the appointment made.
  • Easy access to personal and work schedules on the same calendar.
  • Easy to use.
How to schedule an appointment with the Google calendar
To create an appointment with Google calendar you need to open the Google Calendar. Once opened click on the create button which is at the top left corner with the + symbol. You can find the appointment schedule, and enter the title of the appointment. Note that the title can be viewed by the persons who get access to the link. So, make it understandable for all the people who will view it. Upon giving the title, the next step is to set the time duration it should have a minimum of 15 min to schedule an appointment. And next set the date and time of the appointment. 
 You can add information like where the appointment is scheduled, including images, and much more. Click save once you have provided all your details and the appointment is created. When creating an appointment always check the availability with the help of the existing schedule. Once created the appointment can be edited. Editing in the field like name, location, description, and remainders can be done.
Once you created the appointment it will automatically sync with the Google calendar. The schedule of the appointment will automatically appear on the calendar. With the Google calendar sync function, the business can avoid conflicts with other events or any personal work. Synchronizing the Google calendar with your customer relationship software will enhance the customer experience when you will be notified about every event that is scheduled in your Google calendar.