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Important functions of a document management software

Mar 19, 2021 | Posted by:  abi s

A good document management software should accommodate all the documents that a firm wants to deal with even when the workload grows. Here is the list of functions that a business should consider while opting for document management software,
  • Integration: Check whether the document management software allows integration. Easy integration with other software is an important function. Opting for the DMS with this function will reduce the cost and time.
  • Document and file insertion: How the files and documents will be added to the software? Check whether the documents can be added directly? The document management software should support different file formats, should support document scanning and emailing. The business should know whether it has any size or any other restrictions for adding documents.
  • Workflow management: Adding, editing, and sharing is another important function that the document management software should possess. The documents when added to the system along with the workflow improves productivity. 
  • Version control: This function of the document management software allows the person to view the most recent version of the document. Opt for the software that allows updating different edits as a single file. This will avoid serious confusion and conflicts. Automatic updates in the parent file when an update is made will avoid confusion. There is no requirement to send the file to all the persons when every single edit is made. Since everyone involved will view the latest version of the document. 
  • Collaboration: DMS should possess simultaneous editing and writing process. It can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. Check whether the software you opt for allows instant communication via chat. Check about the permissions required in multi people environment. The controls in view and work in the multiple user environment.
  • Security: The Document management software should possess a good security mechanism. Know about the internal and external security mechanism of the software opted. Check the user authentication mechanism used. know whether the user can set different levels of access and permission as required.
  • Project management: When document management software helps in project management too then it is much more helpful for a business. When the documents created are organized and stored according to each project then it will be more helpful. with the alert system upon completion of a document it will be notified to those involved in the project.