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Is the Google calendar sync feature is an important feature to look at in CRM Software

May 18, 2021 | Posted by:  abi s

CRMSoftwareApp is an easy-to-use application that helps the business in several ways. With its customizable feature, the user will be comfortable using it. It allows the business to get synchronized with other software and plugins. Is the Google calendar sync feature is an important feature to look at in CRM Software? Goggle calendar is a plugin that is most widely used by many. Since it is the most widely used and the most comfortable one it is not only for business purpose but also for personal reasons too. 
With CRMSoftwareApp the user can make use of the Google calendar sync facility to get the calendar features synchronized. 
This will not only help to get the Google calendar synchronized but also help to avoid missing any appointments. Upon synchronization, you will get a notification regarding the appointments that have been scheduled using Google calendar. Notifications will be sent via email or text. The remainders will also be enabled. With business to enjoy a good amount of advantage, here are the list of things that a business commonly should look forward,
  • Customization: With Google calendar sync the user should be able to manage and customize the booking from the Google calendar. The software should allow the user to add the fields required and access relevant features. 
  • Mobile-friendly interface: Mobile is used by almost everyone and its web traffic accounts for over 60% worldwide. With this in account choosing a mobile-friendly interface is an advantage for any business. With Google calendar being a mobile-friendly plug-in choosing the software which is mobile-friendly for synchronization allows the business to enjoy the benefits of mobile-friendly usage. 
  • Notifications and Remainders: The main advantage of the online appointment scheduler is the notifications and reminders. So, upon Google calendar sync the appointments and meetings that have been scheduled via the Google calendar should be notified and the remaining should be sent appropriately. With this feature, a business can keep their staff and customers well informed about every appointment which in turn will help to avoid no-shows.
  • Access: Check whether the software that you opt for allows multiple staff support. With different staff having different schedules and calendars, maintaining their work schedule is also important. Multi-user access will help the workforce to know the overall schedule and their schedule without any delay.