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Must Have Features in an Online Invoice CRM Software

Jun 17, 2022 | Posted by:  abi s

Online Invoice CRM Software is a software that helps small and medium sized businesses to manage their invoicing and billing process.
Invoice CRM Software has been around for quite some time now. It has been used by many companies in the past to automate their billing process, which includes sending out invoices, tracking payments, and more. Online Invoice CRM Software allows businesses to send out invoices as per the requirements of different industries. These industries include manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, construction and more.
The online invoice software allows you to set up your own customized invoices with ease by using templates or creating your own invoice from scratch. Online Invoice CRM Software is a software that helps businesses in the process of invoicing their customers. It helps companies to automate the invoice creation process, track payments and keep track of their expenses. With this software, businesses can create an online portal for customers to send them invoices and payments easily. Online Invoice CRM Software also keeps track of all transactions and generates reports for better management in terms of expenses, revenue and profits.


Although an invoice is a legal document, it does not have to be dull. An efficient invoicing system allows you to create invoice templates online and modify invoices for your customers, allowing them to immediately recognise papers received from your company.
You should be able to customize the invoicing software by selecting the details to display on an invoice. It also lets you put your company logo, terms and conditions, bank information, e-way bill number, shipping address, and transportation information, among other things.
This is a must-have feature if your company is GST-registered, or if you may be obliged to do so in the future. This feature will determine if IGST should be applied or if both CGST and SGST should be applied. It also calculates the tax amount for you, reducing your chances of making a mistake by removing the need for human input.

Create delivery details & quotes

Although any invoicing software may generate an invoice, a buyer may not be ready to buy right away. In this case, you should create a quotation rather than an invoice. Invoicing software enables you to swiftly generate quotes for your customers, which you can then convert into invoices once they've been accepted.
Your billing software should be able to generate delivery notes as well. This allows your consumers to keep track of what they ordered and offers proof in the event that something goes wrong.
You will save time and effort by using invoicing software. Simply enter the data once, and the invoicing programs will convert it to the appropriate format.