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Sales People Need CRM Here why

Jun 29, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

There are many challenges sales people face, but there are two specifically that top the list firstly how to qualify and follow up on a lead and secondly how to prioritize sales activities.
A CRM tool wouldn’t be able to solve these challenges however they can help you handle other difficult challenges.
1.       Start targeting
CRM is the perfect software that helps sales people segment and analyze data to identify valuable opportunities. This prevents the sales rep from doing hours of surfing through disorganized data.
2.       Safe storage space
CRM helps people safely store and organize their contacts, documents, activities, opportunities that can be accessed from anywhere anytime.
3.       Filing activity reports
Sales reps need to make weekly or monthly reports and the process is automated through CRM software as all the data is filed at one place. Just a few clicks and your team would see how transparently you work.
4.       Organize your schedule
Optimizing your daily schedule with CRM is an easy feat. Time can be well managed and tasks can be prioritized ensuring customers and key prospects are well-managed.
5.       Stay up-to-date
Shared calendars, document templates, email integration, SMS integration, notifications, CRM software lets you stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your team. It also increases communication between sales and management teams.
6.       Show up on time
By tracking all the customer data and communication, CRM helps you know when it is time to follow up on the customer. This in turn increases your chances of closing a sale.
7.       Reduced admin tasks
The sales team is released from a lot of administration task by removing a lot of repetitive actions that take up a lot of resources but yield low profitability.
Sales people and CRM is a perfect match made in heaven as CRM ultimately boost performance helping the sales people do better. Updating to CRM is central to the success of sales reps.