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Appointment Scheduler App

Having trouble managing your regular meetings? It’s time to switch to CRMSoftwareApp’s Appointment Scheduler App. Book meetings without the back-and-forth and have complete visibility on your day to day activities.

Enjoy Full Freedom To Set Customizable Meetings

Set up different meetings for different time duration within minutes. From setting up short notice meetings to recurring meetings, schedule any type of meeting you need anytime. Plus, you can send the meeting agenda or meeting notes to the meeting attendees via email. So, insert links, documents, templates, texts, and so on. Once you set up the meeting, the attendees receive an email notification. You on the other hand get an email response (acceptance or decline) from each meeting attendees.

They’ll book a meeting. You’ll get confirmation notification via email/text

Simply by clicking your meeting link, meeting recipients get details of all your available meeting slots. Based on that, they can book a time that works for both parties. You will get immediate confirmation notification via email or text message. Plus, your calendar slot will get auto-filled with the new meeting entry. Anytime you want to make any changes, the meetings will get auto-updated on your calendar. Done! Back-and-forth!

Appointment Scheduler App Highlights

  • Free For All: CRMSoftwareApp brings you the best Appointment Scheduler App for free. Without spending a single penny, you can use the app to manage all your regular meetings and appointments single-handedly.
  • Download and Access From Anywhere: Create, edit, manage, or cancel any appointment anytime you want! Download the application on your Smartphone and you are good to go! No matter whether you use iOS or Android, the Appointment Scheduler App is compatible with both devices.
  • Syncs Data Automatically: Worried about what will happen when someone modifies any pre-scheduled meeting? Our Appointment Scheduler App allows you to modify (add/remove attendees, change appointment time, etc.) any meeting anytime! As soon as you or someone makes any changes, the data gets auto-synced and you get an alert notification.
  • Different Schedule Views: If you want, you can easily change the schedule views to see daily/weekly/monthly appointments. Our appointment scheduler’s visual format is flexible and you can change it anytime.

Easy To View Calendar Availability

The Appointment Scheduler App allows your contacts to view your calendar availability. Soon after you book a meeting, that particular time slot shows as “Busy” or “Booked” to others. So, others get to see the free time slots while booking new appointments.

Have Complete Control Over Your Work Calendar

You have complete freedom to set your calendar permissions. You can choose who can books meetings with you. You can delegate your calendar access to others to set meetings on behalf of you. You can decide who can view your booked appointment details.

Integrate With Google Calendar

Our Appointment Scheduler App works seamlessly with the Google calendar. With a few clicks, integrate it with your personal Google calendar. Based on your availability, set meetings and it will get auto-synced to your Google Calendar.