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Project management Software

An ultimate tool to simplify all your project management needs
Revolutionize the way you deal with the projects with CRMSoftwareApp's Project management app.

Enjoy the limitless features of the project management app


Hassle-free project management

Collaborate with your team from any location. Create, Manage, monitor, and share your projects online. We, have developed perfect software for you to plan, organize, create tasks, track bugs, set milestones, and much more right in the palm of your hand.

Organize and Plan

We value your time. The Project Management Software tools come with a unique feature of creating subtasks to help you gain further control of your precious time. It is not only time-efficient but it also simplifies complex work goals into easy to perform tasks. One can make and check appointments, create a staff list, obtain statistics and insights related to every part of the project.

Real-time tracking

Keep your team on track. Visualize and prioritize tasks with the help of progress trackers to gain complete control over your project. Our superior task management tool helps you envision goals and delegate tasks. The timesheet feature additionally helps keep a track of time and check current project status. With a glance at the project dashboard, you can know whether your project is on the track.

Multiple project management

Empower your team and effectively manage multiple projects at a time. Our project management app allows you to manage multiple projects. Get real-time track of all the projects, with real-time business intelligence it will be easy to manage across a group of projects of different firms.

Task management

Empower your team with proper task management. The novel user interface of the project management software allows you to easily set milestones, along with their start date, end date, who the project is assigned to, and the details of each task. Workforce can easily track the task allocated for each day and the status of it even if multiple projects are allocated without any confusion.

Instant Reports

Have everything reported with the help of our tool in no time. Create reports just with a single click. Our project management software allows you to export and share your reports in different formats like PDF, word, or excel. The reports come with a feature of viewing the current status, and the progress of error fixing, and much more. It also gives you more details about the bugs such as its severity and who has worked on it.

Manage Work-load

Reduce your workload. Our project management software allows easy management of workload across different projects. Balance your workloads with our app. Know whether the right resources are allocated with the right amount of work with our instant reports. Use your workforce efficiently to obtain the maximum outcome. Use CRMSoftwareApp's Project management Software to maximize your team outcome. Organize and Prioritize your projects in the most rewarding way with CRMSoftwareApp's Project management software.